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The Impact Of Natural Disaster Occurrences Could Be Brought Down Remarkably By AI-Powered Systems.

The technology of AI is extensively being used in predictive analysis of natural disaster.AI systems look for changes in images and patterns of data to predict disasters. AI integrated machine comprehending in surgeries simplifies the life of patients and medical practitioners and helps in minimizing error, time, and cost involved.

Why Choose Kodsmith for Artificial Intelligence Services?

How would that feel if you are welcomed to an air-conditioned cool home environment after a hot summer day or a pre-heated room when you step in from chill? That too without the intervention of a human! With AI in home automation gaining wide acceptance, it is just a matter of time for every to have fully AI-assisted home security and automation with reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint. With the arrival of virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa in everyday life, AI has made its way to the household environment too. The role of AI in surveillance and tracking, home appliances, games, home automation, etc. shows the scope in building smart intelligent homes. Far is not the time that you have an AI integrated machine to babysit your child.

Narrow AI

Limited narrow intelligence of the machines and works more like humans where we think, and machines work for us.

General AI

Beyond the competence of the human brain and performs well or better than humans at a point where the machines think on its own.


AI Data Science

Data science is the usage of data extracted from big data with the help of data scientists to solve real-world problems. Data Scientists explore the patterns in the data to create an algorithm for the resourceful use of the data. Data science comprises of data acquisition, cleansing, preparation, analysis to intelligence application of the data using exploratory data analysis. Data Science applications are revolutionizing industries like banking, finance, ecommerce, retail, education, etc. by improving productivity and efficiency. Data science helps in decision making with the statistical data and machine algorithm from unstructured and unstructured data.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is an exciting progression in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning is enabling systems to learn and improve from experience and patterns. With ML, machines progressively execute better with patterns in data like humans learn from examples. AI’s growing popularity in providing smart solutions for businesses in various industries gives prominence to ML which is anticipated to transform the current business atmosphere. At Kodsmith, we help you analyze and understand the accurate use of data to unveil the unexplored possibilities of data to leveraging business growth.

Computer Vision

The subfield of AI, Computer Vision programs computer to interpret and understand images and videos like humans do. Computer Vision facilitated with AI algorithm and machine learning understands the contents of digital images in the automated extraction of useful information from the image. Though it is an everyday simple process for human vision, it is quite complex and disruptive in terms of technology application. Computer visions are popular in use in security and surveillance, facial recognition and photo tagging in Facebook, Google lens, etc. Kodsmith with the advancement of AI algorithms, Computer Vision has made its presence in various industries. The role of Computer Vision in healthcare has open doors for its scope in precise diagnosis and medical image examination. Inventory management and automated checkouts with computer vision reduce labor force and expenditure. Scope in self-driving cars in automobile and CV aided drones in agriculture are other industries computer vision gaining popularity

Computer Vision


Intelligent Virtual Assistants are easy and flexible service assistants to customers that automate conversations simulating humans. Chatbots are widely being used in service sectors for quality customer service. Chatbots are available round the clock and instantly reply to customer’s queries and have improved customer engagement.
Delight your customer with your customized virtual assistant to keep your services uninterrupted and at the convenience of your customers for enhanced user experience and customer relationships.

Cognitive Service

Cognitive services are algorithms aimed at resolving issues and to better the functionality of AI. Cognitive Services apply AI to more scenarios and add to the thinking power of the AI to scrutinize the data. Cognitive services enhance search, image recognition, speech recognition, and translation and knowledge harnessing and can be integrated on own API platforms with no machine learning knowledge


Predictive Analytics

Predict future trends with the help of previous data statistics to make the most out of it. Predictive analysis suggests positive operational changes to reduce risk and improve customer relationships and revenue. Predictive analysis plays a major role to learn user preference and product recommendation in e-commerce, weather forecasts, optimizes marketing campaigns, etc. Kodsmith helps you to use your data efficiently by tracking the trends and forecast the likely trends to make operational changes to complement your services.

Deep Learning

Deep learning, a specialized form of machine learning mimics human intelligence with the help of artificial neural networks. Deep learning overcomes the constraints of machine learning by making the machine efficient to handle situations by receiving learning algorithms. Deep learning, a robust technology, applied to Big Data extracts identity by automatically identifying patterns from an unsupervised large volume of data without human intervention


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