Why Develop Your App With Kodsmith?

Development Team with over 10K Hours of Profound Expertise in Mobile Technologies.

  • Business Level Understanding Of User Dynamics.
  • Creative And Innovative Models.
  • Futuristic Development Approach.
  • Consult And Develop Model – Offering You The Choice Of Right Technology
  • Turnkey Service With QA/QC & App Marketing Support

iOS App Development

Kodsmith iOS mobile app development team provides a full cycle agile iOS solution from concept to reality that suits the complete range of Apple devices. Our designs are user-oriented for clients to build and foster customer relationships. We also provide comprehensive support and maintenance for uninterrupted customer satisfaction.

Kodsmith iOS Technology Stack

  • Language - Swift
  • Frameworks - RxSwift, ReSwift, SwiftyJSON, Alamofire, PromiseKit, Realm Cocoa, Facebook Tweaks, AsyncDisplayKit, AFNetworking, Kiwi, OHHTTPStubs, Mantle, ReactiveCocoa, Moya, Argo, Bond, Firebase
  • Development Tools – Xcode, Appcode, Sketch

Android App Development

Our Android apps are built on specific requirements to provide a comprehensive high-performance mobile solution with cutting edge technology and features to comprehend the complete range of Android devices. Our talented developers incorporate quality, agility, and innovation to accomplish all your business needs.

Kodsmith Android Development Stack

  • Language - Java
  • Frameworks - Retrofit, Rxjava, Sencha Touch 2, Appcelerator, B4X, JQuery Mobile
  • Development Tools – Android Studio

Hybrid App Development

Kodsmith has a wing of a dedicated hybrid development team to encompass all mobile platforms. Our hybrid mobile solutions adapt to the dynamic features of iOS and Android interfaces without compromising on quality and efficiency. Our in-house multi-talented resources constantly update their capacity to deliver high-performance resourceful hybrid-platform mobile applications.

React Native App Development

One of the top best picks of the Hybrid App Development Approach is React Native Development. Kodsmith React Native Mobile App Development is equally ideal for individuals who wish to build innovative apps for revenue, start-ups, and established businesses that have unique business models or an app-based service to be rendered. React Native Apps can be deployed on both iOS and Android Environments. Supported by Facebook and ease of JavaScript utility, development in React Native offers not just a cost-effective solution compared to expensive Native App development, but also a robust, intuitive and seamlessly functioning Mobile Application.

React Native
Cuts down on development time
Availability of Synchronous API
Apps That Perform Faster
Easy to maintain
Availability of Resources

Flutter Mobile App Development

Created by Google, Flutter is an open-source mobile application using DART as its primary language. Development in Flutter is relatively fast as it uses object-oriented language and complete with widgets, tools, and a suitable framework. Google’s mobile app SDK offers Flutter app developers a chance to easily build and deploy aesthetically appealing and well-performing mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms. Kodsmith is a full-cycle Flutter app developer with a proven track record of leveraging the advantages of this technology since its inception.

Avail Kodsmith Flutter App Development Services and get apps that are swift, scalable, and offer a pleasing native experience to your users.

Ideal for MVP
Faster Coding
Easy Maintenance
Supports iOS & Android

Ionic Mobile App Development

Urban life is app-driven, and in order to stay connected with your clients, an elegant mobile app, which runs flawlessly across various devices and platforms becomes obligatory. Leveraging the Ionic Framework, we at Kodsmith develop and deploy robust and functional apps across multiple platforms. Ionic App Development is more focused on Frontend UI/UX (gestures, controls, interactions, animations). Ionic is popular amongst the hybrid app developers as it integrates seamlessly with third-party libraries or frameworks, such as Angular.

At Kodsmith, we follow the professional Ionic Application Development process with a great focus to deliver a Mobile App exceeding client expectations.

Open Source Platform
Availability of Libraries and Resources
Rapid Development
Code Once, Run Everywhere

Xamarin App Development

Xamarin is for .Net and C# enthusiasts who wish to create cross-platform Powerful & Functional App with a stunning UI and seamless user experience. With Xamarin, you can achieve an intuitive look on iOS and Android platforms with its platform-specific user interface code layer. Kodsmith engineers possess extensive knowledge of standards and practices of Xamarin app development. Our team of passionate Designers, Developers, and Testers is here to help you transform your dream into a highly functional and aesthetically appealing Cross-Platform Mobile Application.

Single Code Base
Ideal for MVP & Prototyping
Secure Enterprise Data Integration
Real Native UI Experience
Cross-Platform Compatibility
Code Once, Run Everywhere

PhoneGap App Development

At Kodsmith, we develop robust mobile apps for cross platforms on PhoneGap by leveraging the potential of open-source web technologies. It uses HTML, CSS, & JavaScript without using Objective-C. Our PhoneGap development services guarantee a faster Go to Market time with a feature-packed yet lightweight and supercharged. PhoneGap supports device OS functions such as GPS, Accelerometer, Camera, Storage, etc.

Cross-Platform Compatibility
Leverage Open Source Web Technologies
Consume Native Capabilities
Cost Effective compared to Native Development
Real Native UI Experience
Faster Deployment & Easy Maintenance

Vue.js App Development

Kodsmith is an early adopter of New Technologies and we understand your business challenges and attempt to resolve them by Vue.js mobile application development that aligns with your business objectives. Vue.js is gaining popularity among mobile app developers owing to its integration capabilities with other JavaScript libraries. Based on the MVVM architectural pattern, the library is focused on the view layer. Kodsmith leverages from the availability of support libraries, server-side rendering, modern tools, streaming, and component-level caching capabilities of Vue.js for developing impeccable and secure iOS and Android Mobile Applications with extreme performance.

We at Kodsmith, offer Vue.js development services with great competence blended with the latest designs, usability practices, and versatility to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Flexible and Secure
High Performance owing to Light Weight Framework
Easy to Develop
Easy to Integrate
Easy to Deploy
Easy to Maintain

Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

Progressive Web App Development is a revolutionary and futuristic approach to App Development. A PWA does not ideally need to be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. PWA is indeed the Next Gen App. PWAs are built on front-end web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Progressive Web Application (PWA) is ideally a website with the capability to perform like a mobile app. The underlying fundamental architecture Progressive Web App is a progressive development. As a leading progressive web app development company in India, Kodsmith develops web apps with an emphasis on performance and security. Progressive Web Applications (PWA) developed by Kodsmith is recognized for remarkable UI, seamlessly UX and performance par with a Native App.

Why Develop a Progressive Web App?

  • Low Development Cost
  • Compatible on All Platforms
  • Rapid Development
  • Easy to Install
  • Highly Secure
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Advanced User Engagement
  • Capability to Work on Weak Networks / Offline
  • No Dependence on App Store or Play Store

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