Software Architecture

Our solutions are built with distinctive features in accordance with your requirements to facilitate adaptability which the off- the- shelf solutions fail to provide. The expertise of the architects in the emerging technologies and the craftsmanship give a holistic approach seasoned with ultimate UI/UX that disrupts the odds of the technology.

We engineer your applications with a long-term vision resulting in the creation of robust yet versatile applications.

  • 3-Tier Architecture
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Microservices
  • Reactive Architecture

Custom Software Development

The need for Custom Software Development arises when there are either no off-the-shelf or product software applications available catering to your unique business requirements. Another scenario for the need of Developing a Custom Software is when businesses have continuous evolving requirements demanding constant development or when recurring licensing costs need to be saved. Kodsmith Custom Software Development models are distinctive and offer our clients tactical advantages over packaged software with little room to accommodate exclusive business demands.

Product Development

Kodsmith Custom Software Product Development Services ideally suits technology business owners and individuals who wish to develop package software products or innovative applications.

  • Innovative Startups

    Individuals or Companies with groundbreaking and disruptive ideas can choose our custom software product development services to maximize the impact and leverage technology and resources made available by Kodsmith at their disposal. In most cases, our Technology Partner Model is ideal for Innovative Startups as it offers 360-degree support comprehending challenges faced by Start-Ups.

  • Small & Medium Business (SMB)

    SMB Sector requirements are generally very unique and typically demand cost-effective custom software development services. These demands are generally set to gain further traction in business and escalate to an advanced position amongst their peers by offering unique service models to customers. At Kodsmith, we understand such exceptional demands and offer our technical expertise to develop custom software products that distinctively offer an effectual advantage to our SMB Clients.

  • Established Businesses

    As masters in their respective verticals, technology requirements of Established Businesses are unique. A fair share of these companies ventured into business decades ago when today’s technology never existed. The success of such established companies relies on their unique processes which if re-engineered may not be welcomed by the market. The need for custom development is crucial in this scenario. Packaged software aligned for new-age business models will not fit these companies. We, at Kodsmith, regard such requirements with high value and offer our custom software development services with a comprehensive foresight aligned with your legacy-driven business model offering a distinctive position in the market.

Software Re-Engineering

Businesses who were early adopters of technology decades ago still try to fit in and limit themselves with what legacy systems have to offer. They are missing out on the bigger value that new-age technologies have to offer. Often clients shift their loyalties and opt to be served by businesses who use cutting edge technologies. Kodsmith Software Reengineering Services are modeled with weightage on analysis of legacy systems, how such systems used to be valuable, what challenges are addressed by these systems, and how the users are affiliated with this system. Certain forces restrain the adoption of a new-age system fearing extensive training and adaptation challenges. Custom software development approach of Kodsmith for Software Reengineering projects, therefore, modeled on the principle of “best of both worlds”. Retaining the core and useful functionalities by enhancing user experience, we bring in a versatile architecture and technology facelift offering these closed systems to interact with new-age technologies.

Middleware & Collaborative Platforms

Middleware and Collaborative platforms are custom solutions engineered to interconnect technology components that were not necessarily designed to work together. From a layman perspective, middleware can be compared to an adhesive. Growing technology consumption demands different hardware and software to work together in order to drive a smart digital process. At Kodsmith we develop custom software applications that facilitate interoperability between two different applications running on different technology frameworks. We achieve this by providing a standards-based means of data exchange commonly known as System Integration which in most cases is API (Application Programming Interface) or ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) based.


XML based Web Services


Representational State Transfer


Simple Object Access Protocol


JavaScript Object Notation

Software Maintenance and Support

Continuous monitoring and maintenance in the form of bug-fixing and performance optimization are required for the optimal functioning of any software. Kodsmith Software Maintenance and Support Model are specially designed to ensure that your custom developed software.

Robust, Secure and Stable

At Kodsmith, we understand the value of stability, security, and health of business systems. Our support model helps to focus on your core business activities by leveraging fully on the custom developed software intended to drive your business.

Constantly Functional

We conduct business in a fully digital transformed ecosystem and thus cannot afford downtimes. At Kodsmith, we ensure that the software you rely on to fuel your business is always up and running by practicing Adaptive, Corrective, Preventive, and Perfective Maintenance.

Meticulous Maintenance

Constantly improve your software by inducting new-age technologies and practicing meticulous maintenance models such as Regular Application Upgrades, Proactive Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Security Audits, Compliance Scrutiny, and Regular Back-Ups.

How does Kodsmith Powered Software Maintenance Process Work?

Custom Software Applications developed by Kodsmith are by default eligible for an SLA Governed Software Support Agreement or an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). Post the expiry complimentary support period, our Clients have the option to sign up for an AMC to ensure custom developed software is optimized, patched, fixed, up, and running.

Undertaking Responsibility and Committing Performance

Kodsmith also has set up a Dedicated Support and Maintenance division for servicing custom software development projects developed by third-party custom software development companies.
Maintenance starts with an ingenious onboarding process

  • Identifying Current Challenges
  • Defining Areas of Improvement
  • Drafting A Maintenance Plan

Process Explained

Mission On

Knowledge Transfer from the Developer for Application Owner

Review & Analysis of Existing Application in Detail

Evaluation of Source Code

Interpreting Primary Challenges and Draft Action Plan

Testing & Issue Simulation

The Fix

Fixing Primary Glitches as a Quick Fix

Extensive Curation of Causes

Performance Tuning and Optimization

Draft A Blue Print for Continuing Support


Bug Fixing

Security Patching

Perform Scheduled Maintenance

Schedule Automated Backups

Log Maintenance Tasks

Recommend Enhancements

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