Defining Digital Strategies

The constantly changing digital dynamics are hard to follow and replicate and often put the strategist to test. Digital marketing strategists need to be creative with new trends, explore new tools, and craft customized strategies scrutinizing the competitive market trends. Experimenting marketing tactics and embracing the best focusing on the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for each social media channel is critical in increasing organic traffic.
Digital Strategies

Omnichannel Digital Presence

Digital marketing has evolved over time and so has social networks. With multiple social networking platforms with billions of users, it is high time that you make your digital presence on these platforms. Omnichannel Digital Marketing opens the door for multiple touchpoints where businesses can interact with customers. We help you to reach out to your prospective clients through websites, search engines, emails, smartphones, and social media and networks.
Omnichannel Digital Presence

Converting Guests To Loyal Customers With Sales Funnel

Our Marketing Sales funnel is a combination of marketing tactics and strategies that are fundamental for converting visitors to customers and improve ROI. The strategies are aimed at improving communication with customers to increase the sales funnel penetration rate.
Funnel to Convert Visitors into Regular Customers

ACIAA Our Sales Funnel Formula

Our new marketing sales funnel formula is a well-incorporated strategy of Awareness, Curiosity, Inspiration, Action, and Advocacy. Our experienced strategists are experts in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization having associated with various brands in building digital brand identity. Paid ads and SEO friendly contents help in improving the crawl rate on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Secure the Top Search Engine Rankings with Kodsmith Powered Specialist SEO Services. Kodsmith Is Emerging as India's and World’s Leading Internet Marketing Agency! The value of Internet Search is at an all-time high with the penetration of smartphones and the conventional media embarking on a Digital Transformation journey. In the light of changing social dynamics, if your business website does not show up on top search engine results, your business is certain to lose a fair share of internet-savvy customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a highly resourceful tool that enhances your digital visibility and guides the customer to your website. As India’s emerging top Global SEO Company, Kodsmith is a dominant player in the search marketing arena in India and across the world.

Search Engine Optimization

By availing our complete SEO services in India and elsewhere in the world, you can potentially improve your search engine rankings predominantly on Google followed by Yahoo, and Bing. Kodsmith Search Engine experts guarantee that when the relevant keyword(s) is looked upon the Search Engine, your business website stays at the top in all leading search engines’ results.

We at Kodsmith believe in following a well-defined strategy including detailed market analysis of your products and services, its competition in cyberspace, and your competitor’s positioning. This helps us position you ahead of your competitor. SEO techniques practiced by us are ethical and fully compliant with the Search Engine specifications. Such models have helped us gain a distinct position amongst search engine optimization companies in India and elsewhere in the world.

Defining SEO Strategy

In order to comply with Google’s SERP and persuade ranking, a strong Search Engine Optimization Strategy is necessary. We at Kodsmith, achieve this by deploying a range of diverse techniques and top-notch SEO practices. We would strongly recommend that you participate in the formation of creating an SEO strategy along with Kodsmith SEO Experts. By blending innovative and proven search engine marketing techniques, our SEO strategists will attempt to ensure that your website secures a high ranking in your industry.

SEO Strategy
Research for SEO

Performing SEO Keyword Research

Industry oriented keyword research is a key aspect of SEO. The science of Search Engine Optimization revolves around the keyword. At Kodsmith, we follow an accredited technique linking keyword significance, research search patterns, perform business-oriented market analysis, and also study your customer’s online behavior. As smart keyword research specialists, we offer a comprehensive consultation of all aspects related to your SEO Campaign. We handhold you to conduct insightful keyword research in order to ensure that your Search Engine Optimization process kicks off in an ideal manner. As an Indian SEO Company catering global customers, we are familiar with various regional search patterns and deploy highly skilled SEO experts at our disposal to boost traffic on your business website.

Competitor Analysis

It is crucial that you are aware of your competitors’ moves, only then can we help you outsmart them. Kodsmith SEO experts will keep a close watch and pursue their SEO strategies. We have mechanisms to evaluate competitors’ backlink profile, conduct domain analysis, and content audits in order to determine their Search Engine Rankings. By deploying such smart moves, we ensure that you rise above their ranks and emerge winner on Search Engine.

Competitor Research
On-Page SEO

On-Site or On-Page SEO

Now that you have covered halfway by having a robust SEO strategy, the right mix of keywords, and understanding of the competition, it is crucial that we convert these keywords and analysis into an effective On-Site or On-Page SEO Plan. Kodsmith SEO experts not only help you to improve your Search Engine Rankings but also support you to match keywords with target landing pages. As part of our disruptive SEO campaign, Kodsmith Web and Digital experts will assist you to elevate website accessibility, optimize loading time, and architectural structure.

Off-Site or Off-Page SEO

Once the On-Site optimization process is completed, our proficient SEO experts will start building links to open the site up for maximum traffic. Link building is not a science, it is an art and therefore it takes years of experience in link building activity to master this skill. Knowing what not to do is the key here as building unreachable or irrelevant links, can blow up your site reputation thereby adversely affecting the ranking. Our Off-Page SEO tasks include writing quality guest posts, posting blogs, adding links on credible sites, and promoting inbound traffic from social sites with a high reputation.

Off-Page SEO

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Kodsmith Powered Internet Marketing is Unlimited. Ours is a Comprehensive Approach! Kodsmith is one of the largest independent digital marketing agencies of India catering to a global clientele. We specialize in defining your specific business goals for online success. Kodsmith being a Digital Transformation Company can cater to all your Online requirements such as the Development of a Website, Implementation of a Social Media Strategy, Digital Strategy, and Content for Your Digital Platforms.

Our comprehensive range of online marketing services in India and across the Globe covers paid inclusions and wide-ranging search marketing. Emerging fast as a leading agency of digital marketing in India and across the Globe, our comprehensive SEM services are focused on promoting online businesses on top of search engines with major emphasis on the most prominent Search Engine - Google.


Team Work

At Kodsmith, we believe in creating and delivering high-end digital solutions for you and your customers. In order to achieve this, we work closely with you to understand your business and then create a strategy to position you distinctly. Whether it is An Online Store, A Microsite, Social Media account, a Banner ad, a Mobile app, or any Digital Channel, Kodsmith is always at your service to impart the best digital experience to your customer.

The Digital DNA

At Kodsmith, we are extremely passionate about digital ideas; be it digital Advertising, UI/UX Design, Copywriting, Social Media, Engagements, E-learning Content, AR/VR, or Gamification. We simply adore innovative concepts and embrace creativity. This Digital DNA drives our approach which transforms into innovative digital solutions helping you to position distinctly in the Digital World.

The Process

  1. Major Trends, Sales Cycle Evaluation, Conversion Rate Averages
  2. Competitor Keyword Research, Ads Posted by Competitor, Landing Page Analysis, Offers Posted by Competitor
  3. Creating Digital Image, Align with Digital Space, Define Customer Approach
  4. Identify Most Profitable Keywords, Identify Negative Keywords
  5. Create Account, Create Campaign, Manage Campaign Landing Page & Optimization – Create Landing Page, Manage Page
  6. Post Multiple Ads, Manage Ad Content, Perform A/B Split Testing
  7. Periodic Review of Campaign, Re-Visit Customer Behaviour, Re-strategize (if needed)

Why Choose Kodsmith SEM Services?

Your Business Can Enjoy Some Great Rewards by Opting Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services.

Increased Visibility On Search Engines (Primarily Google)
Improved Local Penetration
Control Marketing Budgets
24/7 Lead Generation
Increased Sales Potential
Specific Targeting & Instant Conversions

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Everybody is On Social Media!

Undeniably, promoting your products and services on Social Media has become inevitable in digital marketing owing to its maturity and increasing conversion rates. Therefore, Social Media Marketing should focus on maximizing the results and exploring ways to succeed in an environment where there is a surge in demand for digital ad space.

Kodsmith Social Media Experts are ready to socialize with you by sharing their exceptional tactical and analytical experience. We work directly and regularly with all leading social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


The Process

Audience Insights

It all starts with an analysis of your customer by studying their social media engagement patterns.

Channel Selection

It is critical that you Focus only on Channels where your Customers Engage the Most.

Content Strategy

Customise your content for better comprehension and acceptance by your customers.

Two Way Communication

Create engagement models by offering bidirectional communication channels. This guarantees quick conversions and efficient customer support.

Observe and Improvise

Continuously monitor your Social Media Channels and Chatter. Adopt the latest Social Media trends and stay connected with your customers.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing can be defined as a combination of digital activities initiated on various social channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Our Social Media Marketing is targeted to achieve brand reputation, lead generation, inbound marketing, offer customer service, do damage control, ensure customer loyalty, engage and educate customers, and generate sales. We at Kodsmith, execute effective marketing strategies and techniques for better visibility and brand recognition by driving inbound and outbound traffic on recognized Social Media Channels. We design and implement digital strategies aimed at reaching the intended audience by not just persuading your potential customers to avail of your service or buy your brand but also by transforming them as your loyalists and campaigners.

Content Marketing
Social Paid Advertising
Social Reputation Management
LinkedIn Marketing
Facebook Marketing
Instagram Marketing
YouTube Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Influencer Marketing

Email Marketing

Although conventional, Email based Marketing is still regarded as an effective marketing model leveraging the continuing relevance of emails as a personal and professional digital communication channel despite the emergence of various smarter and instant messaging models.
Kodsmith Email Marketing Services offered in India and Worldwide are backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure offering, optimum relay, and high deliver-ability for bulk email campaigns. Our Managed Email Marketing Services are modeled to address all aspects of promotional email dynamics.

Email Marketing

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