Providing IT staffing solutions for a wide range of industries & job roles

The technical recruitment team at Kodsmith is committed to provide solutions for your IT staffing augmentation needs, owing to its growing network of qualified IT talents across most popular technologies. Kodsmith, in collaboration with its global partners, has successfully placed resources at different levels, both locally and globally. We offer flexible staffing solutions to accommodate even the most unique demands from the industry. Being both technology solutions and IT staffing provider, our mission is to assist you in rapidly augmenting trusted, qualified staff to the internal projects. Thus, you are able to meet your targets and reduce the risk of recruiting a new team mate member.


Our most popular IT staffing services are - Contract labour, Contract-to-hire, Direct hiring, and Managed staffing services. We can help you to find the qualified IT professionals, needed for seamless execution of a project, whether you need to upsize your current team or require an expert talent in a specific business domain or technology.

Our technological staffing specialties include Software Developers, Website Designers and Developers, Mobile App Developers, Data Scientists, Digital Marketing Experts, UI/UX Developers, Solution Architects, Business Analysts, Technology Consultants and Cyber Security Experts.

When it comes to IT staffing solutions, there is no one size fits all method. You can therefore decide and choose from the technology staffing services which are appropriate for your business. Find out how our IT staffing solutions might benefit you.

How our IT staffing solutions can help you:

  • Add essential resources to your team for a temporary period of time.
  • Find applicants for temporary/permanent openings in your team.
  • Get help to guide your staff while you appoint managers and directors at the appropriate verticals.
  • Examine your organisation ’s structure/hierarchy to identify modifications that will improve efficiencies and provide employees with clearly defined career paths.
  • Cover pending tasks that your staff cannot complete due to workload or skill deficiencies.
staffing solutions

Flexible IT staffing solutions

Contract Labour

When you're looking to augment your staff with extra resources for a limited time, we call on our network of seasoned specialists to offer you with qualified and dependable people on a contractual basis. We often save time by deploying a proven talent who is immediately accessible for a new contract assignment, thanks to our distinctive business model, which involves hiring software development/IT specialists.

For businesses that require specialist expertise on short notice, this is the perfect IT staffing solution. You may be confident that your team will have access to highly qualified information technology personnel for however long you need even with temporary hiring.

Contract Labour
Contract Labour

Contract to Hire

If you need to augment your IT staff, a contract-to-hire arrangement is a great choice. Working with someone before making a formal offer of job gives you the bit of confidence that you deserve. Working on a temporary contract with a professional before making an offer of full-time employment under the contract to hire agreement enables you to lower risk.

Before hiring your tech workers full-time, get to know them personally, learn about their background, and—possibly most interestingly how they mesh with your team. Long-term, this kind of solution may result in higher client and employee engagement.

Direct Hire

Using the services of an organization with great recruiting capabilities is a good move when you need to acquire an employee but lack the recruitment resources or capacity to handle all the job yourself. In a highly competitive IT industry, relying on a company to help you and handle the entire recruiting process can mean the difference between your success and failure in pulling on the Direct Hire talent you require.

With assistance from a technology staffing company, you can streamline the hiring procedure and communicate with potential employees who possess the necessary experience.

Direct Hire
Managed Staffing

Managed Staffing

Managed Staffing is a continuation of our IT Staffing services in which Kodsmith puts together a comprehensive team of experts under our management who work as an augmentation to your IT department. These Managed Staffing solutions enable you to rapidly scale up or down in order to address a huge workload or meet important milestones.

If you require instant access to skilled IT professionals that are catered to your particular project and time limits, then this IT staffing solution is a requirement.

With no additional project managers on your part, Managed staffing helps your company by introducing a technical team required to keep your project work and deadlines on track.

Our IT Staffing Models


This strategy offers dedicated IT resources, ideally close to the client. Most often, the client or a consultant they have chosen directly manages these resources. In accordance with the technology and level of competence required by the Client, Kodsmith mobilises the most suitable personnel from its prequalified talent pool. Interviews are scheduled with either the client or a designated consultant. Once qualified, applicants are transferred On-site by Kodsmith after completing the initial orientation.

Near Shore

Resources can be mobilised to the Client location from a Kodsmith Partner Office within a radius of less than 100 kilometres miles. For clients who don't need a commitment over an extended period, this IT staffing solution is perfect. By choosing this service, the client can make use of the expertise and ability Kodsmith has and receive outstanding technical value addition to the client's internal IT department. This strategy is best suited for clients who require a short-term engagement model in a particular technology.
Near Shore


Kodsmith offices in India can accommodate specialised technical resources that the Client can control remotely. This cost-effective solution gives the Client flexibility by keeping the core team on-site or nearshore and using the diverse IT talent pool that is accessible in India at a reasonable cost. The Operate and Transfer Model helps the client in keeping the team after an agreed term. Before shifting the team over to the client's regional development centre, Kodsmith will supervise it under the OT Model in the beginning.

IT Staffing Augmentation

Kodsmith can supplement your present staff with a plethora of technical skills and experience. In order to fulfil your demands, our IT staff augmentation solutions can offer both short-term and long-term services.

We offer the following services for IT staff augmentation:

  • Project Managers

    Fully qualified professionals that can assist in managing your projects and guarantee timely completion. Our project leaders have been able to provide the direction necessary to complete your job when you need someone you can rely on.

  • Systems Architects

    Our IT systems architects can help you assess your total digital capabilities (applications and infrastructure) and can also assist you in designing and implementing solutions that will advance your organization to the next level. They will coordinate with you to guarantee the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure.

  • Business Operations Personnel

    We have the staff who can fully support your operations, such as business managers, business analysts’, systems analysts, and programmers, also if you're seeking for functional level IT managers or IT staff to support an existing team.

Our Talent Pool

Software and Web Developers
Asp.Net/ MVC Developers
.Net Core Developers
SharePoint Developers
C# Developers
WPF Developers
Angular Developers
Java Developers
PHP Developers
Python Developers
Ruby on Rails Developers
SQL Developers
Oracle Developers
Mongo DB Developers
Firebase Developers
UI/ UX Developers
HTML5 / Bootstrap/ JS Developers
Progressive Web App Developers
Angular JS Developers
React JS Developers
Vue JS Developers
Node JS Developers
Content Management System (CMS) Developers
Sitecore Developers
Umbraco Developers
WordPress Developers
Joomla Developers
Drupal Developers
Custom CMS Development(in any chosen technology)
Mobile Application Developers
iOS Developers
Android Developers
React Native Developers
Vue Native Developers
Xamarin Developers
Phone Gap & Flutter Developers
Blockchain Developers
Hyperledger Fabric Developers
Ethereum Developers
Data Science and BI Developers
Core Java Developers
Python Developers
Hadoop Developers
Scala Developers
R Developers
Power BI Developers
E-Commerce Developers
Open Cart Developers
Magento Developers
Custom E-Commerce Developers
Other Roles
Business Analysts
System Analysts
Project Managers
Software Testers
Graphics Designer
Content Writers
Social Media Managers
SEO Experts

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FAQs for IT Staffing Solutions

We source our candidates using a variety of channels, including our genuine proprietary list of pre-screened techies, advertisements, social events, job fairs, personnel networks, referral sources, membership sites.
We offer a replacement guarantee on all direct hire placements during a 90 probationary period.
Please report the issue to local Kodsmith office, and we'll work promptly and proactively with you to find a solution to the problem that will satisfy you right now.
Our employees receive their monthly pay cheques via direct deposit into their bank accounts.
Retention period may vary depending on several factors such as engagement period of the said resource on the project. We are flexible on a win-win retention model.
We take pride in providing the maximum value for money. We simply charge a very affordable amount of the basic wage for direct hires; there are no augmentation costs for commissions or incentives. For contract IT employees, we apply reasonable markups by charging per hourly rate for services provided and accepted by the clients. The payroll taxes, insurance premiums, and medical benefits are all included in this hourly rate.
Yes. Kodsmith's all these unique filtering methods are used regularly throughout the cycle. To guarantee top-notch, continuous service and quality each Kodsmith office adheres to screening SOPs.
In Kodsmith's opinion, a high standard of living leads to high standards of labour. We take pride in treating individuals like humans, not like objects. We attempt to learn about the career goals of our IT consultants so that we can connect them with the appropriate opportunity.
We follow the industry standards, typically ranging from 30-60 days as most skilled resources serve mandatory notice period in the current roles/ projects. Thanks to our talented technical recruiters and our strategic network, who handle the most challenging demands of immediate resource mobilisation with ease.
Over 60% of our customers are technology firms in the UK that cater to a broad range of sectors, including finance, healthcare, travel, hospitality, logistics, entertainment, and engineering. We also offer our IT staffing solutions to businesses in many sectors that have open positions in their IT divisions. Our staffing model best suits UK based technology companies or start-ups who might want to retain a lean team locally and build a larger team overseas with the objective of acquiring a larger talent pool with significant cost savings.