Lower Overheads without Compromising Quality and Competence

Kodsmith operates a fully-fledged dedicated Offshore Development Center in India housing offshore software development and offshore support team to develop and manage your technology requirements with allegiance to quality and delivery timelines. We have access to a large pool of talented resources with extensive skills and knowledge in diverse technologies to provide comprehensive offshore development services. Partner with Kodsmith to scale up your IT efficiency with our Indian Offshore Development Team and fulfill your dynamic technology requirements.

Offshore Development Center Model

Digital Technologies, unlike in its early stages is undergoing a revolutionary evolution. Businesses around the world are facing a myriad of challenges to keep up with rapidly advancing technology demands from its customers. Technology is still an alien tool for most successful legacy businesses and discarding its adoption is destined to prove fatal. It is important to analyze the reason for businesses hesitating to embrace this rapid digital transformation. The fear, the fat bill, and the lean skill are the main reasons for reluctance to embrace technology makeover. Kodsmith Offshore Development Center in India is formed with the objectives to address such challenges with our slogans:

  • The Faith

    Most Business Owners and Managers struggle to Understand Technology. With Kodsmith, be assured to be backed up with a reliable team to help you adapt to the technology transmission.

  • The Competitive Bill

    Acquiring and Maintaining Technology Tools, Resources for development and maintenance is not cheap. But at Kodsmith, you are guaranteed competitive pricing without compromising quality and performance.

  • The Eminent Skill

    Availability of Talented Technical Resources is indeed a great challenge even in the most developed countries. Our offshore development team in India is handpicked and includes some of the finest talents of the market.

Consult and Develop Approach

We Support Business Owners and Managers by offering our offshore technology consultation services. This process involves translating complex technical scenarios into simplified models easily comprehensible by non-technical business owners and managers.

Technology Partner Model

Business Owners and Individuals with an Entrepreneurial approach have always gifted the world with disruptive inventions. In today’s world innovation is intertwined with digital technologies. At Kodsmith, India Offshore Development Center we understand the value of dreams. We help legacy businesses and startups to leverage the potency of technology by partnering with our Offshore Development services. Kodsmith Technology Partner Model is instated to offer our client greater versatility and the notion of succeeding together. This 360-degree support model and long-term engagement covers all digital touchpoints from idea to realization and beyond.

Fusion Model

Resource utilization of Digital Projects can be very tricky considering the usage of multiple technology stacks. The success of a digital project depends on the blend of the right technical and non-technical resources during various stages of development. A team comprising of Project Managers, Business Analysts, System Analysts, Solution Architects, UI/UX Engineers, Content Creators, Programmers, Database Administrators, Quality Analysts, Data Entry Operators, Cloud Administrators is ideally required for seamless execution of a typical digital project. Kodsmith Offshore Development Center in India can offer you an amalgamation of various resources with expertise in an array of proven and futuristic technologies. Maintaining and managing a pool of diversified IT resources should be least of your worries while you can avail of Indian Offshore Software Development Services at Kodsmith.

Frugal Model

The cost of conducting business in cosmopolitan New York, Berlin, Dubai, Hongkong, Tokyo, Singapore, Melbourne, or metropolises in the western hemisphere is significantly high. Businesses should concentrate on building value beyond real-estate. At Kodsmith Offshore Development Center in India, we help businesses adopt a cost-effective and frugal model by leveraging the vast talent pool and infrastructure at their disposal for expanding their IT Operations.

From a Commercial Perspective and Delivery Approach, our Offshore Software Development Center Services can be classified as Fixed Price Model and Time and Material Model (T&M).

Fixed Price Model

Kodsmith India Offshore Development Fixed Price Model is ideal for a well-defined scope of work with little or no frequent modifications. The Scope of Work is predefined and our Indian Offshore Development Center estimation experts will analyze all functional and non-functional aspects of the project and estimate the cost on the basis of resource utilization from an expertise level and engagement term perspective. This model allows clients to forecast and allocate budgets and to plan the project releases. Fixed Price Model of Kodsmith Offshore Development Center in India is recognized by our clients for its record of accuracy in costing and delivery.

Time and Material Model (T&M)

At Kodsmith Offshore Development Center India, we understand that ideas might evolve and undergo rigorous metamorphosis. Therefore, a pre-defined scope of work approach is not ideal in projects where the business owner or innovator has frequent demand for changes and iterations. In Time and Material Model, the team at Kodsmith India Offshore Development Center will perform tasks as assigned to them dynamically. The client will be billed for the time (engaged by the resource of a respective technology and expertise level) any allied expenses associated with the project upon occurrence. This model is also ideal for Technology Consultants, Project Leaders, and Managers who have meticulously planned the project and are experienced in T&M projects.

Do Your Best and Leave the Rest to Us!

By opting Kodsmith as Your Offshore Development Partner, you are assured to experience Dedication, Commitment, Quality, Versatility, and Value for Money irrespective of the Engagement Model You Choose.