Establishing Digital Strategies

It's challenging to reproduce and keep up with the rapidly evolving digital dynamics, which apparently put the marketer to the test. Digital marketing strategists must be innovative with new trends, analyse new tools, and develop personalised tactics while closely examining the market's competitive tendencies. In order to increase organic traffic, it is essential to test various marketing strategies and use the most effective ones while concentrating on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for every social media channel.
Digital Strategies

Omnichannel Digital Presence

Social media and digital marketing are changing significantly. Therefore, it is imperative that you establish a digital presence on multiple social networking sites that have billions of registered users. With the adoption of omnichannel digital marketing services, it is possible to achieve a multitude of customer touch points, enabling more opportunities for interaction. We can help you in connecting with potential customers through your websites, search engines, emails, mobile devices, and social media and networks.
Omnichannel Digital Presence

Sales Funnel to Convert Visitors into Regular Customers

In order to increase ROI and convert visitors into customers, our marketing sales funnel combines a variety of marketing techniques and strategies. The designing of these techniques is to enhance customer interaction and hence for boosting sales funnel penetration.
Funnel to Convert Visitors into Regular Customers

ACIAA The Formula for Our Sales Funnel

Our new marketing sales funnel methodology incorporates an effective strategy of Awareness, Curiosity, Inspiration, Action, and Advocacy. Our seasoned strategists have experience in working with numerous brands to develop their digital brand identities and are specialists in social media marketing and search engine optimisation. Paid advertisements and SEO-friendly content also helps in enhancing search engine crawl rates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With Kodsmith Powered Specialist SEO Services, you may clinch to the top of search engine rankings. Kodsmith is rapidly gaining popularity as one of the Leading Internet Marketing Agency in the United Kingdom! The impact of online search is at an all-time high with the widespread use of smartphones and the commencement of the traditional media's journey towards digital transformation. Considering the evolving social dynamics, if your company website is not appearing in the top of search engine results page, you will undoubtedly lose many of the hi-tech clients.

Therefore, adoption of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful strategy to increase your online visibility and directing customers to your website. Kodsmith, а unique and innovative SEO company, is proving to be a major force in the UK's search marketing industry.

Search Engine Optimization

By using our comprehensive SEO services in the UK, you can potentially raise your search engine ranks, mainly on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The Kodsmith web search professionals ensure that your company website remains at the top of all major search engines' results page whenever a user looks upon the relevant keyword(s) on that search engine.

We at Kodsmith believes in adhering to a clearly defined plan that includes a thorough market research of your products or services, its competitiveness online, and the positioning of your competitors. By doing so, we can put you in a better position than your competitor. We use SEO strategies that are ethical and entirely comply with search engine requirements. These kinds of digital marketing techniques have enabled us to stand out among such services in the UK market.

Defining SEO Strategy

A solid search engine optimization plan is necessary to adhere to Google's SERP and persuade ranking. We at Kodsmith accomplish this by utilising a variety of innovative strategies and excellent SEO procedures. We fervently urge you to collaborate with Kodsmith digital marketing specialists on developing an SEO plan. Our SEO experts will aim to make sure that your website achieves a good ranking in your industry by fusing cutting-edge and tried-and-true search engine marketing tactics.

SEO Strategy
Research for SEO

Research for SEO keywords

Key to SEO is keyword research that is industry-specific. The keyword is the centre point of search engine optimization technology. We use an accredited technique to link keyword significance, analyse search patterns, execute business-oriented marketing research, and study your customers' online behaviour at Kodsmith. As knowledgeable keyword research experts, we provide a full consultation on all elements of your SEO campaign. We support you in conducting thorough keyword research to make sure that Search Engine Optimization procedure gets off to the best possible start. As a UK-based SEO agency, we are aware of the various regional search trends and have access to a team of professional SEO specialists to increase traffic to your company website.

Competitor Research

It is important that you are aware about your competitors' behaviours; only then can we assist you in outperforming their digital marketing services. Kodsmith SEO specialists would then keep a close eye on things and continue to use their SEO tactics. To ascertain competitors' search engine rankings, we have tools that allow us to analyse competitors' domains, backlink profiles, and content audits. By employing smarter strategies, we make sure that you surpass their positions and prevail on search engines.

Competitor Research
On-Page SEO

On-Site or On-Page SEO

By having a solid SEO strategy, proper combination of keywords and knowledge of the competition, you have already taken the first step toward profitability. It is now imperative that we convert those keywords and the competition research into a successful on-site or on-page SEO plan. The SEO specialists at Kodsmith not only assist you in boosting your search engine visibility but also assist you in matching keywords with your landing pages. Our innovative SEO campaign will help you improve accessibility, loading speed, and architectural design of your website with the help of Kodsmith Web and Digital specialists.

Off-Site or Off-Page SEO

Upon completion of onsite optimisation processes, our proficient SEO specialists will begin constructing links to help the site receive the most traffic possible. Since link building is an art form rather than a science, it takes years of training to become proficient at it. It's important to know what to avoid doing in this situation because creating links to unreachable or irrelevant websites might damage your site's reputation and lower its score. Writing excellent guest articles, publishing blogs, placing links on reliable websites, and encouraging inward traffic from social networks with a solid reputation are some of our off-page SEO responsibilities.

Off-Page SEO

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Internet marketing with Kodsmith is limitless. We take a comprehensive approach! Kodsmith is one of the leading independent digital marketing firms in the UK, and we specialise in formulating your individual business objectives for online success. As a digital transformation company, Kodsmith can handle all of your online needs, including developing websites, implementing social media & search engine marketing, developing strategies, and creating content for digital platforms.

Paid inclusions and extensive search marketing are both part of our full suite of digital marketing services in the UK. Our comprehensive SEM services concentrates on boosting online businesses on the top of search engine results page with a great emphasis on the most well-known Search Engine – Google. This helps us substantially in becoming a leading agency for digital marketing in the UK.


Team Work

We at Kodsmith commits to design and deliver top-notch digital marketing services for you and for your clients. For this, we collaborate together with you to comprehend your business before developing a plan to distinguish you from the competition. Kodsmith is available at your service every time to give your customers the greatest possible digital experience, regardless of whether it's an online store, microsite, social media account, banner ad, mobile app, or any type of digital channel.

The Digital DNA

Digital innovations at Kodsmith really excites us, whether it is digital advertisement, UI/UX designing, copywriting, social platforms, engagements, e-learning resources, AR/VR, or gaming. We simply like novel ideas and appreciate creativity. This Digital DNA motivates our strategy, which later develops into cutting-edge solutions that enable you establish a distinct position in the digital space.

The Process

  1. Major Trends, Sales Cycle Evaluation, Conversion Rate Averages
  2. Competitor Keyword Research, Ads Posted by Competitor, Landing Page Analysis, Offers Posted by Competitor
  3. Creating Digital Image, Align with Digital Space, Define Customer Approach
  4. Identify Most Profitable Keywords, Identify Negative Keywords
  5. Create Account, Create Campaign, Manage Campaign Landing Page & Optimization – Create Landing Page, Manage Page
  6. Post Multiple Ads, Manage Ad Content, Perform A/B Split Testing
  7. Periodic Review of Campaign, Re-Visit Customer Behaviour, Re-strategize (if needed)

Why Opt for SEM Services from Kodsmith?

By utilising our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services, your organisation can reap significant benefits.

Increased Visibility On Search Engines (Primarily Google)
Improved Local Penetration
Control Marketing Budgets
24/7 Lead Generation
Increased Sales Potential
Specific Targeting & Instant Conversions

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Almost everyone uses social media!

It is an undeniable fact that social media marketing for your goods and services is now a must in digital marketing due to its development and rising conversion rates. Since there is a rising demand for digital ad space, Social Media Marketing services therefore should concentrate on maximising outcomes and looking into strategies for success.

The social media experts at Kodsmith are ready to communicate with you by imparting their superior, tactical and analytical knowledge. We work very closely and regularly with all major social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


The Process

Audience Insights

It all starts with an analysis of your customer by studying their social media engagement patterns.

Channel Selection

It is critical that you Focus only on Channels where your Customers Engage the Most.

Content Strategy

Customise your content for better comprehension and acceptance by your customers.

Two Way Communication

Create engagement models by offering bidirectional communication channels. This guarantees quick conversions and efficient customer support.

Observe and Improvise

Continuously monitor your Social Media Channels and Chatter. Adopt the latest Social Media trends and stay connected with your customers.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is a collection of digital operations conducted on numerous social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and YouTube and so on. Our Social Media Marketing services aims to improve brand reputation, lead creation, inbound marketing, customer support, damage management, customer retention, engage and build awareness, and drive sales. We at Kodsmith use efficient marketing tactics and approaches to increase brand awareness and reputation by increasing inbound and outbound traffic through established Social Media Channels. In addition to convincing potential customers to use your service or purchase your product, we plan and execute marketing solutions trying to reach the targeted audience by converting them into your brand's advocates and campaigners.

Content Marketing
Social Paid Advertising
Social Reputation Management
LinkedIn Marketing
Facebook Marketing
Instagram Marketing
YouTube Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Influencer Marketing

Email Marketing

Despite the introduction of many smarter and instant messaging formats, email-based marketing is still an efficient marketing model that leverages the continuing significance of emails as a professional and personal digital communication medium. Modern technology supports Kodsmith to leverage the Email Marketing Services in the UK, providing optimal relay and maximum deliverability for large email campaigns. We design our custom email marketing services to take care of every area of the dynamics of promotional emails.

Email Marketing

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FAQs for Digital Marketing

We are a full-service digital marketing company. We offer SEO, PPC, social media, Content Creation, and Data & Analytics as part of our offering. We offer customisable solutions to meet the needs of almost any business. Also, we can provide PPC or Social Media marketing as separate standalone service anywhere in the UK.
Depending upon your project and goals, we request that you commit for a reasonable amount of time. This allows us ample time to collect information, analyse it, and implement a plan that will begin to produce the results you expect. It then becomes a recurring monthly contract. We don't want to associate clients with long-term service contracts. We would like you to continue with our company because we'll get amazing outcomes for both you and your organization. Our increasing customer retention level in the UK is something we're proud of.
No, there aren't any hidden charges with Kodsmith. The predetermined monthly retainer covers almost all of our services. However, you'll be responsible for paying for any pay - per - click advertising spend, including Facebook, Bing, and Google Ads. This is in addition to our management charge.
Generally speaking, prices provided by different agencies will account for the variations in service quality and experience. A £200 service, for example, is unlikely to be as useful or efficient as one that costs more than £2,000 per month. When receiving quotations from digital marketing services, ensure that you know what deliverables will include in the prices they've quoted. At Kodsmith, we always try to be upfront and transparent about the deliverables. In our experience, it takes some time to achieve the best possible outcomes. Therefore, our offers are practical with the objective of achieving and sustaining the intended results.
Your account management will be by a designated team member who will be your primary point of contact on a daily basis. You may also speak with a member of our Client Strategy consultants, who will collaborate with you on your whole digital marketing strategy. Based on the scope, a number of different professionals will collaborate with your account from time to time and focus on particular aspects of it, including Pay per click, social media, or Search Engine Optimisation. We're always willing to communicate about who's responsible for what.
Yes, the Kodsmith team handles every service we offer. When there is assistance is requirement, we resort to our reliable network of web developers, graphic designers, illustrators, and video producers. Their timely work can help improve your digital marketing efforts.
This is dependent upon the platforms you employ, your competitors, your spending plan, and the condition of your website prior to our collaboration. However, within the first three to four months, you should begin to witness an increase in online presence as well as progress in your performance indicators and targets. It's due to the fact that the we dedicate initial 3-4 months entirely for creating a digital transformation strategy, setting up tools and identify digital channels which paves way for a profitable long-term project. Companies in the UK who are using Pay per click ads enjoy substantially faster results because quality online traffic begins to flow in almost instantly.
We offer custom monthly performance reports with all the parameters that matter to you. Your account manager can take their time analysing these reports, which outlines all the information and performance indicators including the work we've been doing. Sometimes, we may need more information in order to track the project's overall impact. The data we supply is oftentimes only a portion of how the project is helping your organisation, so by merging your data with ours, we can show the true impact of our efforts.
  1. First, we set up a conversation to discuss your digital marketing needs and determine whether we could provide support and guidance.
  2. In order to further discuss collaborating, we will schedule a one-to-one meeting, video conference, or phone (based on your location).
  3. We present our services proposal, samples of our prior work, a project strategy, and deliverables, including expenses.
  4. You choose to proceed with our services or not.
  5. We draft the contracts, which both parties can then sign.
  6. Arrange a kick-off meeting for starting the project.
In comparison to a single employee with broad focus on digital marketing, you are being facilitated with an expert team of our experts are all seasoned and certified specialists in their respective fields of digital marketing to work on your digital marketing project.

When it comes to SEO, Paid search, social media, Content Creation, Digital Strategy, and Data & Analytics, our experts are wizards in their respective domains. Our team members collaborate with one another under the guidance of a strategic specialist to ensure that all of your digital channels operate in harmony with each other and provide more results for you. We really want to think that we are an addition to your team in the UK, providing expertise that you can't duplicate internally.
If you properly set up and manage your campaigns, PPC (pay-per-click) doesn't have to be expensive. It all comes down to using strategic targeting and keyword selection, as well as keeping a close watch on performance. You have the opportunity to suspend campaigns at any time, so if we feel that a certain search phrase is getting too competitive, we can always stop and review.
We advise setting aside at least £500 per month for advertising, although this amount may change depending on the industry because some are very competitive than others in the UK, which increases average click rates.
If you already use a lead generation procedure, a review of that is the perfect way to start. Is it effective? Are you getting benefitted from the quality of the leads? What are the potential areas for improvement? After improving this procedure, you can endeavour to boost the number of quality leads entering your funnel.
The first step in marketing a Business - to - business product or service is to define your goals and objectives. What do you hope to accomplish? How are you going to quantify this? The next step is to specify what your target market is. Who exactly are they? What role do they hold inside the organisation? Are they the ones who make the final decision? The next step is to develop a plan to contact your target market. What will be the most efficient channels? Which copy would you use to convey your message? Once you have these critical aspects in order, you can actually implement your digital marketing strategy for B2B.
Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee a position on Google's first page or even at the top of the search results, so you should be careful of anyone making such a claim. Achieving a page one traffic from Google might frequently be a fluctuating goal because of the search engine's periodic updates. What you ought to be aiming for is a tangible growth in your website search traffic that helps to bring customers from the UK who are actively researching about your products or offerings. We concentrate on this aspect specifically for our clients as this will result in leads and potential sales.
The amount of time it takes to see results from search engine optimization depends greatly on the amount of work involved and how competitive your business is. Until your website has become reasonably well-established, you should prepare to wait approximately 4-6 months before you see any noticeable results from your efforts, though we constantly strive towards immediate results for our clients.
Firstly, we will analyse your business model and confirm whether it is ideal to pick Facebook as one of the advertising channels depending on your target market’s digital behaviour. Accordingly, evaluate who is reacting to the advertisement effectively by looking at the charts. If you feel that you are not reaching the intended audience, you either narrow or broaden your audience. To optimise your ad, pay great attention to the targeting till you achieve the desired result.
All businesses need to be present on social media, but each one will have differing requirements and tactics for its use. Instagram may be a better option for some people in the UK than Facebook as their preferred business platform. Prior to choosing a platform for your organisation, it's critical to identify your target market and social media objectives.
When it comes to what ’s better for your business, we don't believe one of these is better or more beneficial than the other. We can determine which services would be best for your business only after evaluation with our digital marketing tools. If you have a better website rich in content, then you can further optimise it for SEO and can get organic results in the long term. Again, if your idea is to draw more online traffic to your site as soon as possible and don’t have much ads budget constraints, then PPC is the way forward. Sometimes you might find success using a mix of both strategies.