Bespoke Software Development Services

To offer a unique digital experience or to deliver excellence to the customers, businesses have to be niche down. As a bespoke software development company based in London, UK, Kodsmith determines to carve this niche by creating smart software applications to offer an impeccable digital transformation experience to our customers based in the UK.

Kodsmith plans its development services meticulously and set out with the objective of bringing the very best at each phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SLDC). It can be Requirement Gathering, Business Analysis, Technology Analysis, System Analysis, Prototyping, Development, Testing, Implementation, and Deployment complementing our client's objectives.

Bespoke Software Development
Software Development

Deliver Smart Projects

As a trusted custom software development company, Kodsmith UK, is persistent to stand by our client's end goals. We commit to engaging exceptionally talented and experienced smart minds who can take up any challenging project. Customers looking for companies to develop software in London or anywhere in UK can get to collaborate with the industry's superior tech brains who pledge to deliver a quality experience. The success of a custom software development company is largely reliant on the deployment of an ideal amalgamation of generalists, specialists, and crossbreeds. In addition, it has to be managed by project managers with an impeccable track record of delivering projects in strict adherence to budget and time.

Considering the complexity and the project analysis, the team selection is exclusive as per domain knowledge and level of expertise in the corresponding technology stack. The establishment of effective communication channels guarantees seamless interactions within the constituted team and monitors all aspects of the software project. Such a proven communication strategy helps minimise errors and mitigate risks through proactive intervention and implementation of course correction measures.

State-Of-The-Art Software Architecture

We believe in providing solutions that truly satisfy your needs. We build our services with distinct features to meet every need of our clients, and to facilitate adaptability for all interactive solutions. The expertise of our designers and programmers gives our projects an agile approach that disrupts the odds of technology, merging it with the ultimate UI/UX user experience.

We as a company design and develop cutting-edge software application solutions with a long-term vision. Businesses in London and all over the United Kingdom can choose to move ahead with us by adopting the most advanced technologies available today.

  • 3-Tier Architecture
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Microservices
  • Reactive Architecture

Why To Develop Custom Software

When you need to build something new and unique, or when existing program does not meet your needs, developing custom software can be the ideal solution for you. Companies also need customisation during their changing business requirements or when they wish to save on recurring licensing fees. The models used by Kodsmith UK for software customisation are unique and give companies tactical benefits over ready-made solutions with little room for meeting that organisation's requirements.

Product Development

f you are a tech business owner or an individual who require to create packaged digital products or a modern mobile app development in UK, Kodsmith’s Bespoke Software Product Development Services are perfect for you

  • Best Option for Innovative Start-ups

    Businesses or individuals with innovative and disruptive plans can opt for custom software product development services from our company. This helps to maximise their impact and take advantage of the tools and resources Kodsmith has made available to them. Our technology partner model is typically the best option for innovative start-ups since it provides 360-degree support and an understanding of the difficulties they confront.

  • Beneficial for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)

    The needs of the SME sector are highly unique and necessitate the use of affordable bespoke software development services or web development services. By providing distinctive service models to clients, these requests are typically designed to achieve more traction and move towards a leading position among their rivals. At Kodsmith, we are aware of such exceptional requirements and provide our technological know-how to create specialised software products that effectively benefit our SME Clients in London and other places in the UK

  • Industry Specific Solutions for Established Businesses

    Established Businesses have specific technology needs because considering their expertise in respective verticals. Many of these businesses began operations many years ago, before the development of modern technologies. Such well-established businesses rely on their distinctive processes for success, which, if re-engineered, could not be well-received in the market. In this situation, custom development is essential. Packaged software aimed at modern business models will not work for these organisations. Kodsmith UK values such requirements and we provide our bespoke software creation services with thorough planning that is in line with your legacy-driven business model and provides a unique advantage in the marketplace.

Software Re-Engineering for Improved User Experience

Businesses that were among the first to adopt technology decades ago now strive to fit in and restrict themselves due to the incapabilities of legacy systems. They are losing out on considerable benefits that new technologies can provide. Clients frequently change their affiliation and choose to do business with firms that use cutting-edge technology. Kodsmith Software Re-engineering Services rests on a paradigm that offers prominence to the analysis of legacy systems, how those systems are valuable, what problems they solve, and how users relate to those systems. Factors that can prevent the adoption of a modern system is due to training concerns and adaptation challenges. Kodsmith's approach to customisation for Software Reengineering and development projects is according to the idea of the "best of both worlds". We introduce a flexible architecture and technological facelift that allows these closed systems to interface with modern technologies while preserving the essential and practical functionalities and strengthening user experience.

Middleware & Collaborative Platforms

Collaboration platforms and Middleware are tailor-made solutions created to connect technological elements that were not necessarily intended to function together. Middleware is a software application designed to bridge gaps between other applications or its databases facilitating unified services to users. Growing technology consumption necessitates the collaboration of various hardware & software in order to power a smart digital process. We develop specialised software programmes from our company in London that enable interactions between different applications running on various technological frameworks. We accomplish this by offering a standards-based method of data exchange known as system integration, which is typically ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) or API (Application Programming Interface) based.


XML based Web Services


Representational State Transfer


Simple Object Access Protocol


JavaScript Object Notation

Software Maintenance and Support

For any program to operate at its best, ongoing maintenance and monitoring in the form of bug fixes and performance enhancement are necessary. The creation of the Kodsmith Software Maintenance and Support Model guarantees the reliability of your customized program.

Robust, Secure and Stable

Kodsmith being a technology accelerator, appreciates the importance of business system health, stability, and security. By fully leveraging the custom developed software designed to drive your business, our support model allows you to focus more on your core business activities.

Constantly Functional

We operate in an ecosystem that has been completely digitally transformed, thus we cannot afford downtimes. At Kodsmith UK, we apply Adaptive, Corrective, Preventive, and Perfective Maintenance techniques to guarantee that the software we develop to power your company is constantly operational.

Meticulous Maintenance

We continually improve your software by implementing the latest technologies and adhering to precise maintenance models like regular application upgrades, proactive maintenance, preventive maintenance, security audits, compliance scrutiny, and regular backups.

How Does Kodsmith Powered Software Maintenance Process Work?

By default, Kodsmith's custom software applications are eligible for an SLA-governed support agreement or an annual maintenance contract (AMC). Our clients in London and all over UK have the choice to enrol in an AMC once the gratis support time expires. This guarantees to continually improve, patch, correct and operate the specially built software.

Undertaking Responsibility and Committing Performance

In order to support projects created by independent bespoke software development firms, Kodsmith has already established their Dedicated Support and Maintenance section. An innovative onboarding procedure is the first step in maintenance.

  • Finding Today's Challenges
  • Identifying Improvement Needs
  • Creating A Maintenance Schedule

Software Developing Process Explained

Mission On

Transfer of Information from the Developer to the Application Owner

Review and In-depth Analysis of the Current Application

Analysis of the Source Code

Understanding the Key Challenges and the Proposed Action Plan

Testing & Issue Simulation

The Fix

A Quick Fix for Primary Glitches

Extensive Curation of Causes

Performance optimization and tuning

Create a preliminary version of a support agreement


Bug Fixing

Security Patching

Perform Scheduled Maintenance

Schedule Automated Backups

Log Maintenance Tasks

Recommend Enhancements

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FAQ for Software Development

Costs depend upon the integrating systems, the complexity of the project, and the support that needs to be provided. We will be happy to take up your requirement for providing a detailed quotation.
Most often face to face meetings aren't necessary. Requirement gathering and works can be completed over discussions through virtual meetings and well-defined scope documents. Free of Cost Initial requirement analysis will be limited to maximum of 4 hours. Detailed requirement analysis and scoping will be billable as per the nature and complexity of the project.
Customisation is needed when off-the-shelf software doesn't achieve the intended objective or becomes inconvenient to use. We will design it in line with the existing organisation process and it can save you recurring license fees and training efforts. The customer will own the intellectual property and due to this the upfront investment can be slightly higher when compared to standard ready-made programs.
It depends on the type of program and its complexity. However, we will meet any deadlines if you have so. You can have a free consultation with our experts if you need more specific answers.
We use Agile scrum development technique for a quick RIO, high quality, and secure system. We have strict quality control measures which include design walk-throughs and regular code reviews. We are flexible to use other software development methodologies in the best interest of the project.
We have a dedicated team for handling support services. We define our SLAs on the basis of Application Criticality.
Your project will be completely under your control. Our designated Project Manager will serve as your sole point of contact and diligently adhere to your requirements.
After the completion of project and securing the complete payment, our client will be the exclusive owner of all materials required to create, maintain, or expand the software, including source code, script, project documents, application programs, etc.
Project fee determination is on the basis of the engagement model, which either could be Time and Material (T&M) or Fixed Cost. In certain cases, should the customer deviate from the agreed scope of work for a fixed cost project, we shall separately estimate such variations and obtain approval from the customer prior to implementation of such work termed as Change Request (CR). Client is liable to pay the variation cost on the basis of payment terms agreed separately. In case of T&M model, extension of billing will be done should the development demand utilization of resources for CR implementation.
Providing detailed requirements will enable our company experts to fully comprehend your concept and will enable us to furnish our customers with an accurate quotation. It is always best to create user narratives such as BRD, Workflow diagrams, Visual Representation of Screens in the form of Wireframes or Designs in which you can describe the purpose and the expected outcome.
In most cases, the development activities will take place in Kodsmith offices in various geographical locations. However, Kodsmith is flexible for collaborative engagement models if required by the customer. For example, if the client has a creative agency to work on the UI/UX, our developers will pick up the design files and continue development. There could be scenarios where the client has a dedicated Project Manager or Senior developers with whom our developers can work as an extended team for developing the application.