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To take advantages of technology, gather valuable data from various sources and transform it into actionable business information. That is why so many businesses prioritise the process of collecting, managing, and analysing huge volume of data. Kodsmith’s Big data analytics solutions enable organisations in identifying inputs which would otherwise be hard to acquire.

Kodsmith is a reliable company for big data services that supports businesses all over the UK in taking full advantage of big data analysis. We support companies in developing effective big data workflow processes. These workflows are completely operational and include all functionality, from data collection to analysis and visualisation.

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How does big data analytics services enhance productivity of your company?

Effective integration big data could benefit companies of all sizes and from various sectors. Strategic decision, greater innovation, and pricing structure optimisation are some of the advantages of big data and analytics. Therefore, big data analytics services help businesses in making informed decisions which then result in effective operations, satisfied customers, and more revenues.

Acquisition and Retention of Customers

As per various global employee satisfaction surveys, a vast majority of employees are keen to work in a flexible Businesses study customers’ preferences using big data (the digital footprints of their clients) and then tailor their products and services to each customer's specific requirements. This dramatically boosts customer happiness, brand loyalty, and ultimately sales. You might have seen how Amazon makes pop-up suggestions based on previous purchases, things that other shoppers in the UK have bought, browsing patterns, and other factors.

Cost reduction
Cost reduction

Focused and Targeted Offers

Incorporating Big data services enables companies to give customised offerings to their target market without spending loads of money on ineffective advertising campaigns. By tracking POS transactions and website purchases, businesses can use big data to analyse consumer patterns. Subsequently, these insights are put into use to create targeted, focused campaigns that benefit brands in exceeding customers' expectations as well as fostering brand loyalty.

Identification of Future Risks

Normally businesses operate in high-risk circumstances and would need the use of safe risk management strategies to address their concerns. In this scenario, big data is crucial in building successful risk management plans and practices. Big data analytics and solutions lower risks quickly by optimising complicated decisions in response to unforeseen events and future hazards.

Cost reduction
Encourage innovation

Encourage innovation

The secret to innovation is the insights you uncover through big data analytics. Big data makes it possible to upgrade existing products and services as well as developing new ones. The vast amount of data gathered help companies in determining what appeals to their target market. When developing new items, it can be helpful to know what customers think of your offerings. These findings can also be utilised to change business plans, enhance marketing tactics, and boost employee and client satisfaction. Having Big data analytics services in your business in the UK, it allows for real-time market tracking and puts you ahead of competition.

Complex Supply chain Networks

Companies that employ big data provide more precise and insightful supplier networks or Business - to - business communities. Suppliers can use big data analytics to avoid common limitations. Big data services enable vendors to apply more contextual intelligence, which is critical for success.

Cost reduction
Cost reduction

Cost reduction

One of the most appealing advantages of big data platforms such as Hadoop and Spark are the huge cost savings associated with storage of data, interpreting, and analysing massive amounts of data. In freight forwarding, for example say, the cost of returns is approximately 1.5 times greater than the cost of ordinary shipment. Businesses utilise big data services and analytics to reduce product returning costs by estimating the likelihood of product returns. They can then take the necessary action to minimise potential losses.

Increased effectiveness

Tools for big data services do have the ability to boost operational efficiency. Your interactions with consumers and their astute feedback enable you to gather significant volumes of priceless customer data. Analytics can then find significant trends in the data to produce items that are specific to the customer. The big data solutions can automate mundane operations and tasks, saving up important time for people to perform tasks that require intellectual abilities.

Cost reduction
Big data consulting

Big data consulting Services

To enhance data warehousing solutions, we offer consulting services for the development of data lakes and data pipelines. Our big data consulting services has benefited numerous enterprises in changing their initial data processes as well as how they visualise data.

Big Data Solutions

Although organizations have massive potential data at their disposal, it is hardly ever employed intelligently to gain potential business insights. Kodsmith provides comprehensive big data strategies to develop and implement solutions to streamline for value proliferation. Our Expert and experienced data engineers of Kodsmith simplify and analyze big data and harness with cutting edge technology to build customized algorithms for optimum use and productivity.

Big Data Solutions
 big data implementation

Extended support beyond big data implementation

As data processes and applications evolve, so should yours. To stay relevant in your industry and benefit from big data solutions, you must go beyond data science discoveries and continually upgrade your data processes. With frequent changes to the framework, data models, and technologies, our big data services help businesses remain relevant in the industry. To maximise value, our team could even work effectively with new data patterns. You are only a click away in discovering the immense potential of data driven services and solutions. Connect with our experts and harness the enormous possibilities of Big Data.

Big Data Analytics Services

As a UK based technology company offering of big data solutions, our team of analysts, programmers, researchers, and consultants has a track record of helping several businesses in maximising their potential using advanced analytics. engineering with big data. The basis for effective analysis is keeping relevant data in its optimum state. According to your data requirements, our data engineers develop, maintain, and redesign the data warehouses. In order to improve operations and increase agility, we also support with data migration and aggregation. We provide specialised big data analytics services that assist businesses in achieving their long-term objectives and pave the path for fresh ideas. Backed by, intelligent data analytics solutions, our consultants ensure that each of the users always receives the information that is specifically related to them. We assist businesses in comfortably monitoring and maintaining their KPIs and keeping an eye on the areas that require immediate attention by providing them with customisable reports and dashboards. Additionally, Kodsmith's Big Data & Analytics Services will aid businesses in lowering risk, lowering total cost of ownership, and increasing efficiency.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Tools & Technologies that we use

We employ the following technologies for implementing big data services in businesses all over the UK.

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