Why Kodsmith for Mobile App Development?

  • A Project Team with More 10K Hours of Deep Mobile Technology Experience
  • Understanding of audience dynamics at the business level.
  • Models That Are Creative And Innovative.
  • Futuristic Development Approach
  • Consult and Develop Model - Providing You With The Right Technology Option
  • Turnkey Service including QA/QC and App Marketing Support

iOS App Development

The iOS mobile app developers at Kodsmith offer a full cycle agile iOS solution that works with the entire product line of Apple devices.

Our designs are user-friendly in order to help customers create and maintain customer loyalty. We also offer extensive support and maintenance in the UK to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.

Kodsmith iOS Technology Stack

  • Language - Swift
  • Frameworks - RxSwift, ReSwift, SwiftyJSON, Alamofire, PromiseKit, Realm Cocoa, Facebook Tweaks, AsyncDisplayKit, AFNetworking, Kiwi, OHHTTPStubs, Mantle, ReactiveCocoa, Moya, Argo, Bond, Firebase
  • Development Tools – Xcode, Appcode, Sketch

Android App Development

Our Android applications development is in accordance with strict specifications in order to offer a complete, high-performance mobile application with innovative features and technology designed to accommodate the full range of Android devices. Our skilled mobile app developers combine quality, agility, and innovation to meet all of your business requirements.

Kodsmith Android Development Stack

  • Language - Java
  • Frameworks - Retrofit, Rxjava, Sencha Touch 2, Appcelerator, B4X, JQuery Mobile
  • Development Tools – Android Studio

Development of hybrid apps

In order to support all mobile devices, Kodsmith now has a specialised hybrid app development team. Without sacrificing effectiveness or quality, our hybrid mobile applications can adapt to the ever-changing characteristics of Android and iOS interfaces. Our in-house, multi-talented employees are always improving their ability to develop robust, high-performance mobile applications for hybrid platforms.

React Native App Development

React Native Development is apparently one of the best options for the hybrid app development approach. Kodsmith React Native Mobile App Development is also great for people in the UK who want to build new apps for income, as well as for start-ups and established organisations with unique business models or app-based services to provide. Mobile Apps developed with React Native installs on all iOS and Android devices. Creating it in React Native offers not only a cost-effective solution to pricey Native App development, but also a strong, user-friendly, and seamlessly operating Mobile Application, thanks to Facebook's support and the usage of JavaScript utility.

React Native
Cuts down on development time
Availability of Synchronous API
Apps That Perform Faster
Easy to maintain
Availability of Resources

Flutter Mobile App Development

Flutter is a Google-developed open-source mobile application that uses DART as its main language. Also, Flutter development is rather quick because it employs an object-oriented language and comes with widgets, tools, and an appropriate framework. With the help of Google's mobile app SDK, Flutter mobile app developers can quickly build and release apps that are both aesthetically pleasing and performant on both the Android and iOS operating systems. Kodsmith has a track record of successfully utilising the benefits of this technology ever since its inception as a full-cycle Flutter app developer.

Get apps that are snappy, scalable, and provide a satisfying native experience to your customers by using Kodsmith Flutter Application Development Services.

Ideal for MVP
Faster Coding
Easy Maintenance
Supports iOS & Android

Ionic Mobile App Development

Urban life is heavily reliant on apps, therefore it's essential to have a beautiful mobile app that works seamlessly on a variety of platforms and devices if you want to stay in touch with your customers. Incorporating the Ionic Framework, Kodsmith builds and deploy dependable, functional apps for a variety of mobile devices in the UK. Front end UI/UX is the main focus of Ionic App Development (gestures, controls, interactions, animations). Due to its smooth integration with external libraries or frameworks like Angular, Ionic is a favourite among hybrid app developers.

At Kodsmith, we adhere to the expert Ionic Application Development methodology with a strong focus on delivering a Mobile App that exceeds client expectations.

Open Source Platform
Availability of Libraries and Resources
Rapid Development
Code Once, Run Everywhere

Xamarin App Development

Xamarin is for fans of.Net and C# who want to build cross-platform, powerful apps with a beautiful user interface and a smooth user experience. Xamarin's platform-specific user interface code layer, you can give iOS and Android devices an intuitive appearance. The engineers at Kodsmith are very knowledgeable about Xamarin app development standards and best practices. Our dedicated team of Mobile App Developers, Designers, and Testers is here to assist you in turning your vision into a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing Cross-Platform Mobile Application.

Single Code Base
Ideal for MVP & Prototyping
Secure Enterprise Data Integration
Real Native UI Experience
Cross-Platform Compatibility
Code Once, Run Everywhere

PhoneGap App Development

We at Kodsmith build sophisticated cross-platform mobile apps on PhoneGap by utilising the power of open-source web technologies. It makes use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript rather than Objective-C. We promise a fast Go to Market time with a feature-rich, lightweight, and supercharged app thanks to our PhoneGap development services. PhoneGap supports device operating system functions such as GPS, accelerometer, camera, storage, and so on.

Cross-Platform Compatibility
Leverage Open Source Web Technologies
Consume Native Capabilities
Cost Effective compared to Native Development
Real Native UI Experience
Faster Deployment & Easy Maintenance

Vue.js App Development

As an early adopter of new technologies, Kodsmith recognises your business's difficulties and makes an effort to address them by creating Vue.js mobile applications that support your company's goals. The ability of Vue.js to integrate with many other JavaScript libraries is helping it become more popular among developers of mobile apps. The library concentrates on the view layer and its creation is using MVVM architectural pattern. Kodsmith makes use of Vue.js' component-level caching, streaming, server-side rendering, modern techniques, and availability of support libraries to build flawless, highly performing iOS and Android mobile applications.

We at Kodsmith provide excellent Vue.js mobile development services in the UK while incorporating the newest designs, usability techniques, and versatility to produce top-notch digital experiences.

Flexible and Secure
High Performance owing to Light Weight Framework
Easy to Develop
Easy to Integrate
Easy to Deploy
Easy to Maintain

Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

Progressive Web App Development is an innovative and futuristic strategy for mobile app development. A website having the capacity to function like a mobile app in short refers to “progressive web application" (PWA). It is not necessary to download a PWA from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. In fact, PWA is the Next Generation App. The creation of PWAs is with front-end web technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. PWA’s primary architecture is a progressive development. Kodsmith, a prominent progressive web app development firm in the UK, build mobile apps with an emphasis on efficiency and security. Kodsmith's Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are renowned for their outstanding user interfaces, intuitive user experiences, and performance on par with native apps.

Why Develop a Progressive Web App?

  • Low Cost of Development
  • Compatible on all platforms
  • Faster Development
  • Easy to Install
  • High Security
  • Visibility on search engines
  • Superior User Engagement
  • Ability to Work Offline / On Weak Networks
  • No dependency on the Play Store or the App Store

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FAQ - Mobile App Development

Yes, please contact us via phone or email to discuss about app ideas if that would be more convenient for you.
Absolutely, we can develop a mobile application for your website. The data will synchronise between your app and website because we use cloud databases.
It's true that we have years of expertise creating e-commerce apps for single-vendor or multi-vendor concepts. Additionally, we have developed mobile apps using cutting-edge technology like AI & AR.
We create any kind of app based on your specifications. Let's talk more about this.
Yes, we can create a variety of complex apps with navigational features. Re-inventing the wheel is not required assuming navigation is the core engine of the app. We recommended integrating with the most popular navigation API service providers in the UK.
Yes, we use the most recent technology known as PWA (Progressive Web Apps) to build robust mobile browser apps, and we are really good at it.
We have extensive experience designing apps using React Native and Flutter.
When creating an app, we employ the latest data security mechanisms and appropriate encryption to develop highly secure mobile apps. We follow security standards prescribed by Andriod and iOS.
Yes, we feel pretty confident signing agreements when you appoint us.
To reassure our clients that their app ideas and project data are completely safe with us, we sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement with our clients.
We connect our top project managers with clients who aren't technically savvy to help them comprehend every step of the development process;

1. Requirements for developing apps
The most critical aspect needed to build a mobile app is an app idea.

2. Planning and Analysing
The development process is then strategically planned after the examination of ideas in the context of business requirements, market demands, target audiences, etc.

3. Designing
Our mobile app developers consider the aforementioned factors when deciding on functionality, UI, and UX design for apps.

4. Development
After the designing phase finishes, we go on to the coding phase and create the final product in accordance with the app development plan.
There is no set cost for developing a mobile app. The price of developing an app depends on a variety of elements, such as the app's purpose, functioning, features, use of graphics, number of development hours, team size, etc.
After final payment, you will own the source code entirely excluding any third party propriety code used for the project as the rights of such codes rests with the respective third-party.
Fees for third-party services and chargeable APIs are your responsibility. Agreements with such third-parties will be between the App Owner (you) and the service provider.
Along with the engineers, our internal testing team will test the system. However, you may always test out the app and send us your comments. This is called User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
Yes, submitting an application to the Google Play and Apple App Stores is a free service and part of the deployment of the application.
Yes, we strongly advise starting your project by releasing the most basic version of the app and making modifications as you go.

The rationale behind uploading a basic version of a mobile app is that you've made some assumptions that you can't test until after the release of the app. Based on that released app, you can then utilise this knowledge to determine the priority of upcoming requirements. This will also help you make modifications based on user feedback and prioritise the features of subsequent releases.

In order to continuously improve things for you, we prefer to use an AGILE development methodology, for which we budget a fixed sum of development time each month.