Corporate Web Development

Any business in the UK looking to attract clients must establish a strong online presence. Clients evaluate your company, your offerings, and your reviews for an informed decision making. Therefore, a website should also portray your company effectively in the most appealing manner. A corporate website needs to provide a 360-degree overview of your brand, its products, and services. It should provide easy navigation, appealing design, and a strong declaration of your company's legacy, mission, vision and values. As a trusted website development company in the UK, we understand the unique needs of businesses and deliver tailored solutions that drive results. Our designers go beyond their creative excellence to acquire significant information about your company, the industry you market, your clients, and your competitors in order deliver personality and a distinct representation to your corporate website.
Corporate Web Development

Microsite Development

Do you need a sub-site to promote a product or service? Are you planning an event? A short-term campaign?

In order to showcase your best qualities, explore our company’s first quality micro website development services model. It's all about the user experience when using a microsite to improve your online presence. Initial usage of Microsites was in conjunction with a large corporate website to highlight particular bits of branded content separate from the company homepage. Today, the term "microsite" has broadened to include small business websites that only provide few different services or products. Microsites are perfect for short-term community events, product debuts, and marketing initiatives. Microsites typically don't require complicated hosting infrastructure, dedicated domains, or intensive organic SEO efforts. Whether you need a standalone microsite or an integrated solution, we can create a custom solution that captures attention and drives engagement. As a leading web development agency in the UK, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life and deliver results that exceed your expectations.

E-Commerce Development

E-commerce, or online shopping, is increasing in demand. A flawless shopping experience for your customers is essential for successful business. The days of physical stores and showrooms seem to be over. The modern consumer wants the best possible digital experience combined with seamless checkouts via Secure Payment Channels.

Digital is the New Real!

Don’t you think it is high time to go online?

Consult with Kodsmith's experts in the UK before selecting the ecommerce’s web development strategy that is best for your company from the below.

Custom E-Commerce Development

Magento Development

OpenCart Development

As a Digital Partner for your company, Kodsmith guarantees that you will have a fantastic E-Commerce Development experience.

Classy and Characteristic Store Front
Seamless Customer Navigation
Upsell And Cross-Sell
Learn Customer Trends and Gain Insights
Standalone And Integrated Inventory Management
Intelligent Notifications
Secure Checkouts LS, PCI SSC, PCI DSS Certificates.
Multiple Payment Channels
Standalone Stores and Market Places
Sales Reports
Built-in Digital Marketing Plugins
Search Engine Friendly URLs

To Sell Online, You Don't Have to Be Big

For companies of all sizes, we offer e-commerce solutions. Your store can be online in a "Weeks’ Time" thanks to our e-commerce expertise.

Enterprise Web Applications Development

With the increasing number of handheld devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets and the Internet being available even at 30,000 feet, the need to travel long distances to access your work computer on your office's local network is no longer necessary. Organizations in the UK are increasingly embracing the digital transformation journey, and concepts such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Work from Home, are proving to be indispensable. Now that the infrastructure, connectivity, and models are in place, businesses must develop robust and revolutionary Web Applications capable of transforming the world into virtual workspaces, service centres, and processing centres.Kodsmith, a leading software development company in the UK, boasts highly qualified web developers with extensive experience in developing a wide range of web-based software applications

Web Development
Custom ERP Systems
Custom CRM Systems
Custom Work Flow Management System
Custom HR Management System
Custom Banking Service System
Social Networking Portals
Custom Document Manage System
Intranet Portals
Custom Appointment Management System
Custom Content Management System
Service Delivery Portals

What all do I need to provide to kick off the website development project? - Web Development Project Requirements

Website development is the process of building a new website or making modifications to an existing one. It comprises of site design, content creation (text copy and words), adding images, client liaison, setting up servers and network security, and perhaps e-commerce development. This project can be as simple as building a single webpage or a large project involving the development of complex web applications.

Whatever it may be, we need the following for the smooth conduct of project.

  1. Purpose – Mention the main objective of the website. You can tell us a little bit about the organisation or people behind it, and explain why your website is really being made. It should include details about the target audience. What sort of people do you want to attract and what your competitors are doing? Also, you must have a comprehensive understanding of the users' personas and desires in order for the website to satisfy their requirements.
  2. Goals - Describe your website's objectives little more in detail than that in the above section. The developers must know exactly what your company intend to achieve.
    For example, say:
    To increase monthly sales by 10% within the next 6 months.
    Increase newsletter subscription to 20% by end of this year.
  3. Teams - Provide us with a list of people who involve in this project on a day-to-day basis including contributors and decision-makers. Mention their names, project responsibilities, job positions, and contact info in the UK as well.
  4. Phases – Execution of projects will be in stages, especially if it's a big one. Please inform us the stages as it really helps everybody involved to be aware of what work is currently ongoing in what stage. Accordingly, the team can concentrate on the appropriate area of the project.
  5. Content - Here, you should describe the content structure. This includes the legal bit that you have to mandatorily publish as per industry standards and GDPR regulations.
    • Website map - It illustrates the arrangement and layout of the pages. Everything needs to be organised clearly and to be simple for our web developers to follow.
    • Content types - A website may contain the following types of content:


    • Page Templates - Include page layouts for reference for the different types of content that will be present on each page. The "Home" page, for instance, will look different from the "About Us" page.
      Examples of page templates:

      News Archive
      Contact Us

  6. Taxonomies - Website taxonomy, often known as URL taxonomy, is important to a website's structure. This is because, your content is organised in subfolders in the URLs. Therefore, using well-optimized URLs will dramatically improve your site's performance.

    For example, if you run a cooking site, then you may have taxonomies for breakfasts, lunch, and dinner under the heading "meals." A taxonomy of "cuisine" can also include terms like French, Mexican or Indian.
  7. Functionality – Passing this information makes it clear to our developers, how exactly your site is going to function. If there is a signup page, for example, what fields are necessary? What happens after a visitor submits the form?

    Some websites have interfaces with third-party APIs. These should be explained in terms of how they're going to operate and do we need to gather any other information. Below are some functionalities which needs input from the client side.

    Multilingual functionality
    User roles and abilities
    Payment gateways for ecommerce businesses
    Search capabilities
    Tracking and analytics
    Performance criteria

  8. Design – Our web developers require direction on the design aesthetic. If you have brand guidelines, please forward us the same. It includes logos, brand colours and font styles.
  9. Providing Text Content – Forward us the text copy what you have prepared for each webpage. Kindly inform us if you need assistance regarding the creation or editing of text content. We can help you with the same upon additional charges.
  10. Providing Images - We'll let you in on a little secret: eye-catching photos that provide an instant wow effect are an essential component of every website design. If you have extremely powerful and impressive images, the layout of your site will clearly look more amazing. We would recommend hiring a professional photographer for capturing such images exclusively for using in your site and forward it to us. It will greatly influence the final appearance and make the website stand out significantly among your competitors. If your budget does not allow you to hire a professional photographer, there are several great resources where we can get you high-quality stock images for additional cost per image basis.
  11. Browser Support - This section should detail the technical requirements for supporting all browsers and devices. Supporting browsers not popular in the UK will increase the project's costs. Please let us know on which all browsers and devices your website must be tested.
  12. Access to your Domain and Hosting – Finally, to implement the settings, we'll need access to your hosting control panel or domain management interface. If you currently have hosting, please provide us with that platform information as well.

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FAQ for Website Development

This is entirely dependent on your requirements. Building a larger, 1000-page website takes more time than creating a brochure site with just eight pages.
We enjoy working with businesses and individuals of all sizes, and when we work with smaller clients, we deploy matching expertise we use when supporting our larger clients.
Most definitely! It's important to handle website redesigns carefully to ensure that your justifications are sound. This will ensure that the project is overall successful from the standpoint of your ROI.
We'll be there if you really need web development support or maintenance. Or else, we'll leave it to you. We'll still be here if you change your decision and still need us!
It definitely will! More people are surfing the internet through smaller devices than ever before, and this trend seems to continue. You risk losing a large portion of your potential audience if your site does not display or function effectively on a smartphone or mobile screen. Accordingly, it is now essential to create websites that are mobile-responsive. Every website that we develop is mobile-friendly.
Appearing first in Google search engine results page is equivalent to finding gold. It's always been fairly easy to accomplish before. These days, it's a lot harder for a newly developed website, and doing it wrong can damage your reputation. Fortunately, we have the SEO expertise and tools necessary to maximise your chances, as well as some satisfied clients who can attest to our abilities.
It depends entirely on what you want, but you can be sure that we will provide the best value for your money without going overboard. Why not request a quotation? There is really no obligation, and if you decline, we won't get upset!
There are hosting expenses if you host with us. If you are unable to provide the images yourself, there can be extra charges. However, if feasible, we always try to use them from free stock image websites.
You own the domain and website. We will never blame you for moving, so please do so. We will be more than happy to welcome you back!
Ideally, we prefer working on a 30% down payment, with 30% due when the designs get approval, and the remaining 40% due after the finishing of development and approval. Our payment terms are flexible and this can be discussed with the Sales Rep during contract signoff.
Yes, we can set up a maintenance plan to meet your requirements. We can talk about a plan that's perfect for you. This can vary from approximately 4 to 40 hours every month.
Yes, we are more than happy to take up the design supplied by your creative agency or your in-house designer. Such third party should provide the design in a standard format prescribed by Kodsmith. The cost of ideation and designing shall not be considered for commercial estimation.
Normally, it's you. Since you are the expert in your field of business, it is better if it comes from you. Again, if you require any assistance, we could suggest copywriters who, can edit or create fresh content for you with additional charges.
It generally takes around 24 to 48 hours in the UK after the completion of design and development, signoff and final payment to make your website available to all internet users. If internet service providers incur any propagation delays, sometimes they may need to update their existing records (DNS tables) to compensate for the changes.
Sure yes! However, only to clients that hire us to develop or update their websites. We have engaged in strategic partnership with multiple hosting service providers to offer you the ideal hosting solution. Kodsmith can offer you, shared hosting, managed shared hosting and managed dedicated hosting services suiting your requirement. Our cloud based hosting services offers businesses the flexibility to start with minimal resources and scale up as the demand grows. Alternatively, but we can guide you through the process of setting up a web hosting, e-mail accounts, databases, configure domains, SSL Certificates and allied environment required to run your website and dependent elements.
Yes, we can provide standard email hosting packages based on your needs. The cost for such services is usually based on the number of emails and storage.
We want to play fairly, so once our work is through, you are free to upload your website code to any hosting according to your convenience.
It is dependent on the modifications you require. We make minor adjustments for free. However, if the time required for such changes exceeds one working hour, we will submit a written proposal or a quotation detailing the project strategy, scope, pricing, and terms and conditions.
We work on most popular website technology stacks. However, after analysing your requirement, go to market timeline and budget, the most ideal technology stack will be recommended. Please refer to find out more on the technologies that we work on.
Absolutely! if it is within our 12-month support contract. And, in many cases, even after that. We only deviate from this rule if someone else who is not affiliated with us or under our employment does the site modification.
Definitely not. However, it would be good if it is ready. It helps our design team to minimise the iterations and plan quicker releases. Ideally, you will only need the full content when the site is finished and ready to accept it. Please note, that one the major causes of website launch delays is content provisioning. We have observed a common practice where the development is complete and the content is yet to be provided by the customer or their copy writing agency. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you work on the content strategy alongside the initial design phase.
When clients appoint a project manager or a point person, website development projects go more smoothly. This will make communication more efficient and enable prompt responses to our inquiries and requests. The POC at your end can coordinate with all internal stakeholders and pass on the final inputs and manage approvals rather than we attempting to coordinate with multiple stakeholders at the client’s end.